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Drone imagery offers incredible perspective, and is a great tool in your content creation tool kit!

Content of all types helps your brand grow!  Using a drone to gain a different perspective can supplement your content as a feature piece.  Even just a couple shots from above will enhance dramatic effect, and give a sense of place.

Commercial, industrial, real estate, and lifestyle brands; nature and documentary; we can use ultra high resolution photo and video imagery to help reach audiences across the world. 

A moment of tranquility during an aerial shoot at one of the United States’ busiest industrial ports.  Here is a morning sunrise over the water in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Here’s a beautiful perspective of a low-flow year at Silver Falls in Colorado’s San Juan Mountain Range in 4k video!

This is a piece of mixed use commercial and residential real estate in Aspen Springs, Colorado. 

Shooting during the golden hour can lend a magical touch to any outdoor imagery.  This is a residential lot in Pagosa Springs, Colorado with views of the San Juan Mountains. 


There are truly numerous applications that aerial imagery can assist us in realizing a different perspective!

If you have questions about drones, aerial imagery, or any kind of creative content production, get in touch!

Commercial Real Estate Shoot, Farmington, New Mexico

Commercial real estate imagery, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, for Pagosa Source Real Estate

Residential, architectural imagery, Pagosa Springs, Colorado; for Pagosa Brokers Real Estate

Residential, architectural, twilight imagery, Pagosa Springs, Colorado; for Pagosa Brokers Real Estate

Residential real estate imagery, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, for Grace Golden Properties

A fiery sunset; golden hour on the mountains. Capturing drone imagery for Pagosa Source Real Estate

A Southern Colorado mountain road

Colorfest in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

At green lotus designs, we have around a decade’s worth of experience flying all types of drone missions.  We’d love to help you utilize this awesome medium for your business.

If you’d like to know more, please send a note through our website. 


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