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custom online solutions

Tailored to your needs.  Built from the ground up, or already established, we plan for online brand presence.

Tell your story! green lotus designs makes websites to help small business thrive.  You need an online presence, and we want to help you get there.

A business website is the best place to tell your brand’s story, while maintaining your brand identity, and providing a place for people to find you online.

Search engine friendly websites to help your business stand out online are our specialty.  We build SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in from the beginning.

In addition to web design and build packages, our total web solutions include secure web hosting and domain name services, site backups, and software updates.

Content and media management is available.  Or, we can show you the way.

We’re here to help.  You can reach us through any contact form on the green lotus designs website, and we’ll make sure to get back to you!

Alberta Peak, Continental Divide, Colorado

Specialized Content

Creating content to support your brand is one of the best ways to achieve brand visibility.

green lotus designs is well versed in just about any type of content creation you can think of.

We can help you generate content to support your brand’s development!

While your website is the best place to own your brand, shareable content lends great gains in the SEO equation.

Brand Impressions

It’s awesome to see when everything comes together, and our clients start picking up daily impressions from search engines such as Google.

We track data for every website we build, and put it to use to keep things on a growth track.  Reading data is effective & fun.

We’ve helped multiple clients earn daily brand impressions online; gaining hundred’s of thousand’s of brand impressions (& lots of website clicks) per year!


green lotus designs was founded on content creation!  With over two decades of experience producing professional pieces, knowledge has been gained, and there is insight to be shared!

Branding = Content

If you’re just getting going, or long established a new logo, a brief video, &/or other custom content can go a long way in establishing your brand’s presence and owning it online.

Content creation includes logo design, graphic design, copywriting / blogging, photo & video, and having a place to both own it, and share it. 

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Providing services based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and working online with clients anywhere.  We serve our client’s needs in web design, branding, content, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, marketing, consulting, visual medias; photo, video, aerial imaging, SSL web hosting, and more.

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