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Organic SEO works, Google Sends out these emails to remind us.

Google search sends out these great emails that are a reassuring nod towards good Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

I receive these for a lot of green lotus designs clients, notably our restaurant partners.  There are some great restaurants in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and we’re proud to be connected with some of them.

Helping a small business tell their story, and providing an online home for that story is what we like to do.  SEO is just a normal thing to build in; and it brings results!

Landing brand impressions from *organic search queries means that SEO is working.

* In the world of measuring online engagement, organic refers to earned impressions and clicks that do not come from paid ads. 

Here are some screen grabs from recent Google Search emails highlighting our partner’s brand impressions, and website clicks from organic search.  Boulder Coffee Cafe, Cafe Colorado, and Chavolo’s are all Pagosa Springs restaurants benefiting from Search Engine Optimization. google search performance November 22
November 2022 Google Search performance for
cafe-colorado Google Search performance trophy, December 22
January 2022 google search performance report trophy
December 2022 google search trophy January 22 google search performance


The Google Search Console is a useful tool for SEO research, and measuring online brand engagement.

Some of the other informative and fun emails from Google Search Console highlight search impact.

For instance, the Wolf Creek Ski team just earned 30 clicks in 28 days from organic search.  Clicks every day for the HomeTown Insurance & Financial Services website during the fall.  Tons of daily clicks for Cafe Colorado during a 28 day stretch in the summer. google search impact
clicks for days
tons of clicks everyday!

All green lotus designs websites use Google Search Console to make sure we are squaring away your search engine optimization. Our clients have earned hundreds of thousands of organic brand impressions through good SEO.

This is just one piece of the data equation.  We enjoy sharing data with our business partners, and watching their reach soar. 

If you’d like to know more, please send a note through our website. 


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